Do., 07. Okt. | Casa del Tango Zürich

Improving Tango Lessons every Thursday

Thursday's Classes - Techniques & Fundamentals in Tango
At the School
Improving Tango Lessons every Thursday

Time & Location

07. Okt., 19:30 – 21:00
Casa del Tango Zürich, Bullingerstrasse 71, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland

About the event

Thursda'y Tango Lessons! Tango offers us the possibility of creative self-expression in close contact with another person. We strive to fully engage with the partner, in contact, hug and connection. But what does that mean and what do we need for that? How much must we be able to stay with ourselves to be fully involved and master certain qualities of movement? What does it mean to "move ourselves" and thus to make the limits of leadership and consequences more fluent and transparent? How can we be completely with us and at the same time complete with our partner? How controlled and elastic can we move? What role does the breath play?

How will playfully and sensory experiment and apply the experienced in tango.

The focus is on fun and exploring new possibilities together.

  • General Admission

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